Professional Textile Laboratory

Textiles for special appilications, whether newly developed, self-produced or bought in addition, should be subject to continuous monitoring. More and more often the question arises: Where do I stand with my product?

The maintenance of a test laboratory is a luxury that many suppliers cannot or wouldn´t afford. What to do?

PTL is your competent partner. Our team consists of qualified experts under the leadership of a textile engineer with decades of  professional experience in testing textile fabrics. Of course all tests are carried out independent and according to standards. Discretion is our top priority. All devices are subject to maintenance and calibration according to the regulations.

Complete test according to EN 388 "Protective gloves against mechanical risks"

PTL is capable to offer all tests (abrasion, puncture, cut, tear resistance) of the current version (2017) of the standard EN 388. 

As a novelty, it is also possible to test the cut resistance to cutting by sharp objects according to DIN EN ISO 13997. This is now part of EN 388 and intended for all materials which blows the blade strongly during cutting.

Let us surprise you with our range of services - we have some special features in stock.

We would be pleased to make an offer tailored to your test requirements.

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