Protective Textiles

Development and production of woven and knitted fabrics made from para- and meta-aramids, Viscose FR, wool yarns as well as all common high-performance fibres for protection against flames, heat, cut, puncture and abrasion.

Developments for special applications, e.g. protective clothings for fire fighters for specialised fire-fighting according to EN 1486.

Functional Textiles

Functionalisation of textile fabrics through different equipment and coating techniques, e.g. dirt-repellent and bacteriocidal properties, fast moisture transport, electrical conductivity, luminescent and reflective coatings.

Coated Textiles

In active collaboration with our partners, we succeeded to develop new innovative coatings according to the requirements of our customers:






All these textiles are flame-retardant, available in various colours and conform to relevant norms for safety and fire fighter gloves.

High-class optics, extreme elastic, very good abrasion performance

Luminescent colour (additional reflection-enhancing available), extremely elastic

Extremely elastic, good grip when wet, best abrasion performance

3D-structure with a high-abrasion-resistant ceramic-coating, additional anti-slippage surface available

Various leather- and high-technical- structures available

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